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What is maximum maternity benefits you can get?

Expert: Soma Ray-Ellis

Neha asked:

How much is the maximum maternity benefits a person can get? What is the total monthly benefit for a person earning above $50,000 annually?

Soma Ray-Ellis answered:

The maximum benefits that anyone can get is $447.00 per month.

The total monthly benefit is calculated as such:

  • a. Average the weekly earnings of the last 26 weeks of the person in question;
  • b. Multiply that number by 55 per cent (55 per cent is the current rate that people are getting benefits at);
  • c. the amount calculated in ‘b' represents the monthly benefit someone will receive to a maximum of $447.00.

So, for someone earning $50,000 annually, the total monthly benefit is the lesser of $528.85 and $447.00. Accordingly, someone earning more than $50,000 annually will only receive an amount of $447.00 monthly in benefits.

About the author

Soma Ray-Ellis is Partner and co-chair of the Employment and Labour Group at Himelfarb Proszanski LLP. Soma has published numerous texts including Federal Equity Manual and most recently, authored the Discrimination and Human Rights volume for Halsbury’s Laws of Canada. She has participated in many high profile litigation matters, most recently as lead counsel to Air India at the Commission of Inquiry into the Investigation of the Bombing of Air India Flight 182.

Soma Ray-Ellis can be reached at (416) 599-9708 or

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