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Calculating HST on a gas bill in Ontario
How do you calculate the HST on gas in Ontario?

Claiming GST on an FCC final loan payment
Do I have to claim GST on the final payment amount? Or would that have been included in the total?

What are your legal options when a partner steals from the business?
Say you have a business and one partner has stolen a couple hundred thousand and that same partners dad is the book keeper and basically drove the company to bankruptcy what can be done?

Starting a business in Nova Scotia
Is a business number needed, do I have to register for the HST and what home office expenses can I deduct?

What are my responsibilities to my former partner after leaving the company?
I started a business with a friend, but left. I own no stock. Do I have any responsibilities at tax time?

Calculating Statutory Pay for Long-Haul Drivers
Long haul truck drivers are paid by the mile and paid by pickups, drops, wait times, etc. How do you calculate statutory pay?

I work as a consultant with a contract, do I have to include taxes in my billing?
Do you have to include GST and QST when working with a contract?

Do I need a GST Number?
I am an owner operator driving a truck for Fed Ex on contract. Do I need a GST number?

Can you buy into a business using pretax dollars
Can an employee buy into a business using pretax dollars that are used as a raise? Or would these funds be taxed first, then the remainder used to buy stock in the company?

Repaying an HST refund: Is there a tax loophole?
When you are reimbursed for HST from an invoice that is then forgiven at a later date, are you required to pay back the HST?

Permanent Residency and Selling Your Business
A person selling their business no longer has a Canadian home address. Are they still Canadian residents? How does that affect taxes on the sale?

Input tax credits: claiming HST paid on gas and equipment purchases
A new HST claimant ask whether his business can claim the HST paid on gas and equipment purchases for his first quarterly filing.

How far back can you invoice a client?
My employer has not invoiced a number of his clients for material and work completed many years ago. We would like to invoice them but we would like to know if we are still allowed to do so.

Do you have to claim expenses with CRA for a busines that has income that equals out to zero?

As a sub-contractor, when you invoice for labour and material and show a discount for early payment of your invoice.
What figure is used to calculate HST and what figure is used to calculate WSIB?

Can a non active Canadian company that only collects interest and dividends claim back the GST and PST (Quebec) paid out on invoices for accounting services, phone bill, etc.

What are the steps to selling a personal vehicle used for business use to the corporation?

Is it legal for a Canadian company to charge Canadian customers in US dollars?
Since Canadian currency is "legal tender" are Canadian companies allowed to charge Canadian customers in USD?

What taxes do I need to report as an independent contractor in Canada?
If you are an independent contractor earning commissions in Canada, here is what you need to know about when to charge HST/GST and income taxes.

As a electrical contractor in Ontario, do I charge the customer HST on material?

Can an employer demand proof of filing taxes for independent contractor?

Can we sell our respective shares back to the corporation and that way withdraw the retained earnings?
Will we benefit from 'Capital Gains exemption for small businesses'?

Do I charge PST on the delivery of the equipment?
To Saskatchewan from a equipment rental in Alberta.

Does a contractor when he invoices and has mileage expenses; is the mileage added with GST or without?

If an employee works four to five hours for five days a week, how many hours of statutory pay will be paid?

How can a contract be worded for sales rep and company to minimize loss of money through exchange rate?

Do I have to pay fees to the province after my company has been dissolved?
Also the Alberta Articles of Dissolution also asks who will keep these records for six years from the date of dissolution. Who would that be and why does someone other than us have to keep these records?

Do you report accrued vacation pay for monthly receiver general remittances?
Is it added to the total gross pay figure when accrued, or only when paid out?

As a limited company do I have to pay the HST on the rent paid to the landlord?

When filing quarterly HST remittances using the Quick Accounting Method, how do I show my figures in my Profit and Loss statement?

Do non-union employees get the same entitlement as union employees working at the same company?

Is the vacation pay amount added to regular paycheck amount?

Do I claim the full GST amount at starting point or every month with the payment?
In Saskatchewan for leased equipment?

Paying a broker HST
Do I pay HST when the broker works for the company and I have already paid HST on my customer's invoice?

Can a company get its money back from a supplier?
That has closed the company.

What Capital Cost Allowance class or line on the tax form do I use for purchases of small photography equipment?

Is there a form or any documentation which is provided by/to the main contract holder when "interlining" is effective?

When issuing T5 slip does box 11 and 12 need to be filling?
For a family trust, and what would the calculations be?

Making a loan to a corporation for start-up costs and operating expenses
For a recently registered Ontario corporation.

When paying a completion bonus
does the business also need to pay HST on the bonus?

Is there a do-it-yourself payroll calculator
that can help avoid the expense of hiring someone to manage payroll?

Sole Proprietorship or Partnership:
What is better for a home-based business?

Renting equipment in Canada and billing a US customer
Who pays the HST?

Can HST be claimed back from the government?
For an education franchisor who does not charge HST to students, but pay the same on royalties?

What forms need to be used after an audit?

Does a small business owner being paid salary have to pay themselves vacation pay?

When giving a gift to an employee...
Is there a way to avoid having him pay the tax?

How to pay yourself as a corporation owner / shareholder?
Are you paid as an owner or a director?

Business was closed due to illness with no profit remaining
Will a break be given on taxes?

Planning on buying a convenience store and run with just my wife and I
Do we need to keep the two employees that currently work there?

If incorporated federally, do I need to register my business in each province?

Is it required to have money from loans from owners be paid out?

When using a supplier from another province, do we pay GST, HST or PST?
We are located in Manitoba and had a guest speaker come in from Ontario. I know we pay gst on the speaker fees, but do we pay Ontario pst too?

How to apply to get an HST number in BC and what are the costs?

How do I close (dissolve) a Corporation in Alberta?
I would then like to start up another one , how do you go about this?

When charging interest on an invoice is it on the base or total amount?
For overdue accounts is interest charged on the tax as well as the total amount due?

How to collect a debt
in Alberta when the client is not sending in the payment they owe?

Can you claim HST paid to part-time nanny?

Can expenses for proposal to purchase and accountant be deducted on personal income taxes?

Can I reclaim the provincial portion of HST on out-of-country purchase?

When part-time availability requirement changes from three days to five
Is that considered a constructive dismissal?

Does HST and or GST/PST have to be charged by the U.S. company?
Or only by the Canadian company when its sells to customers?

What taxes are charged on sewing lessons?
I would like to begin a business to teaching sewing lessons. What taxes would I charge on a tuition fee of $20.00 per hour. How do I know that the name of the business I choose has not been already registered by someone else?

Selling in US dollars to Canadian companies in Canada
How is HST invoiced and how to remit to CRA?

Commissions made by an artist's booth
I'm in Ontario, and am an artist with way less than the $30,000 turnover necessary to have to pay HST. My question is when I attend an art show as an exhibitor, I know I have to pay HST on my booth rental, but what is the situation regarding the commissio

Expensing shareholder drawings in Canada
Under which account do I expense shareholders drawings in the company's records and show it as earnings on the shareholders T4A?

BC: Regulations governing aromatherapy bends
Where can I find the information I need regarding the regulations/what I need to do in order to make and sell aromatherapy blends to the public? I am in British Columbia.

Deducting health tax benefits
In Canada do you deduct health benefits before or after taxes?

Taxes on charitable donations
When we donate a sum to a charity do I charge the HST on the full amount of the invoice than subtract the donated amount?

Reducing an employee's salary
Can an employer reduce an employee's contracted salary for reasons unrelated to conduct?

When the HST remitted doesn't match up
If the HST charged is different than rate company remits, what recourse is there?

Partnerships & sole proprietorships... at the same time?
Can I set up a business with a partner while running a sole proprietor business?

Taxes when buying a family franchise business
If buying a running franchise business do you pay tax on top of the asking price?

Wages or dividends: what is best?
As owner of small business am I better to pay a wage or take dividends?

Adding a director to an incorporation
How can I add my wife as a director for a new incorporated business?

Adding capital equipment to past tax returns
How do you submit missed business equipment on tax return for a previous year?

EI premiums: are rebates available?
Does an employee get EI premiums back once they leave a company?

HST when dealing with US clients
Can a supplier charge HST on a currency adjustment? Or should the HST be charged on only the Canadian amount?

When to charge HST
Is HST charged and claimed if business makes under $30,000?

Can an Ontario employer control where employees go during lunch break:
while refusing to pay for the full lunch break?

Why does CRA ask for GST on commission income?
For a independent multilevel marketer?

Vacation and maternity leave
Does one still accumulate vacation days while on maternity leave?

Can a small business owner change commission structure without notice?
If not, how many days notice must be given?

Should commission still be paid to sales consultant if no longer with company?
If commission is paid after product ships?

Can an Ontario employer request that his employees be non-smokers?

Does a sick leave policy accumulate vacation pay/time?

Do you claim cash paid for babysitting on your income tax?
How do you provide a receipt?

Working for large Canadian bank as a consultant on a 6 month contract
What can I do when the client changes payment terms after the work has been done?

Does a registered massage therapist in BC have to charge HST?

Can Ontario employers pay out vacation pay in a lump sum?
Or does an employee have a right to request his/her vacation pay at anytime throughout the year?

CCCP shareholder rules
Can a CCPC have more than 50 shareholders?

Do you charge GST on interest revenues?
Does earning interest impact ITC?

Taxes on bonuses
Does HST apply to a bonus?

Can an employer cut hours of a pregnant employee...
Shifting those hours to a new hire in the process?

Can you claim expenses for equipment purchased before starting your business?

Can fitness equipment for a corporation be deducted?

Can I be employed part-time and work from home as self-employed in the evenings at the SAME time?
What about registering, claiming expenses and shutting things down if the trial doesn't work out?

How do you leave a partnership?

How do you tax vacation pay?

Sending sick employees home in Alberta:
Is it a case of ask or tell?

Can an employer rescind unused vacation?

Can an employee be required to stay on work premises during breaks?

Does an employee earn vacation pay when taking a paid leave?

How do you invoice for work done on a job, minus rental of equipment?

Can GST be claimed for fuel purchases for owner/operator truck?

How do you move a sole proprietorship from Quebec to Ontario?

How should termination documents be delivered
when an employee Alberta refuses to meet with the supervisor?

Can the owner of a company use money from the company to pay for mortgage?

Can GST still be collected if it was initially not charged?

What to pay a contractor who becomes an employee?
Is there a formula to use?

Can full GST claim be returned for a farm truck?
Used mainly for pulling a livestock trailer?

BC: What is the formula used to back out HST?

If I'm requesting for 2011 tax reduction and I don't yet have the T2200 or T777 for that year, do I submit the 2010 forms?

Are we allowed to claim the HST portion a home contractor has billed us?

Should I be charging HST for my services?
As an independent DZ truck driver?

How long can I keep my accrual for foreign conversion?

Do I need to charge taxes for cleaning/laundry services?

For a pharmacy business what should be the fiscal year end?

Can a Canadian business owner have a U.S. shareholder who simply does their side of the work while located in the U.S?
Are there any requirements to first create a U.S. subsidiary before adding U.S. shareholders/ partners?

How does one calculate the HST from a gasoline receipt for fuel purchased in BC?

How much can be deducted from a professional development seminar for a small business?
A 1 person company/consultant?

SK: I wasn't charged PST when I bought a product. Do I need to charge PST when reselling?
Does PST need to be charged when reselling?

New student to Canada wants to open a restaurant
What are chances they will be able to secure a loan or grant?

Does director of B.C. corporation get paid for freelance work?
Does GST need to be paid?

What are tax implication of buying shares of an existing corporation?
Versus an asset purchase?

How much income tax is to be paid for cashing in $30,000 RRSP?
When earning $58,000 per year?

Should taxes be applied before a discount or after?
Should GST/HST/PST be charged before or after applying a discount?

Can I let go of an employee who is on maternity leave?
While away it was found out that she was not an ideal employee

What needs to be done to start an accounting business in Ontario?

Should imported items be charged HST based on price paid or customer price?

Employer terminates job, telling employee late
Can they not pay severance?

What duties apply to an item imported from the USA?
On a fountain that costs $116 plus $38 shipping.

I want to create an online dating website for my business
Where do I start?

Can an American trucking company buying products in Ontario get HST back?

Can a stock trader claim expenses?

Do independent sales representatives earn GST/HST plus commission?

Is the employer of a live-in nanny eligible for childcare expenses on CPP/EI contributions?
Can a property (rental) loss be reported?

Can a business owner bid on their own seized good at auction?
If the goods were seized as a result of the lease not being paid?

Can the name of numbered company be changed in Ontario?

Can a small business de-unionize?
If it does not want to be unionized?

Can an employer require use of vacation pay?
If the employee is on paid sick leave for 10 days?

Can smoking or weight be considered when hiring?
Is it a valid reason not to hire someone?

Can interest or money loaned be used as a tax deduction?

Can CCA expenses be claimed?

Buying shares in a golf course in Ontario
Are there any capital gain implications?

Buying a business for $5,000
Is it deductible as an expense?

Should a software consulting services company incorporate?
What are the advantages and disadvantages?

A question about vacation pay:
does it apply to commissions as well as wages in Ontario?

Should businesses charge charities GST for services provided?

Can a business owner claim GST/HST paid out in regards to expenses on vehicle?
Do they claim a part of all?

Do all shareholders have to be paid equal amounts of dividends?
If there are three shareholders in a limited company?

Does a shareholder (who is owner/director) need to register for GST/HST?

Is an independent contractor entitled to vacation pay?

How can gain tax be reduced or eliminated?
On the selling of a rental property?

Can GST paid on fuel be used to balance what is taken in?

Can company have employees sign new employment agreement each year?
Without setting an end date in the terms of the agreement?

Can income taxes be prepaid?
If you are going out of the country?

Registering a business in Quebec:
Where can I access information on the legal and government requirements?

Can an employee's name be used in company promotion without consent?

Can all kilometres be claimed on T2200 form for taxes?
If only outer city limit kilometres are paid by employer, not inner city limits?

Do funds from business account count toward personal taxes?
If I am paying myself a salary?

Grants for student entrepreneurs:
Is my 15 years daughter able to receive a government grant or does she need to wait untill she is of age?

Can you put money into an account that is just for medical expenses every month (prepaid) in case you need it for future use?
I thought I heard that there is a tax break for doing this.

Can an employer extend work hours without notice?
For example, can the employer suddenly require an employee to stay late?

Canadian companies using independent contractors in the US
How do Canadian companies support payments to non-employees for tax purposes?

What can be done when a company does not want to sell their product?
Can the product be bought from another source?

Should tax be charged at a second hand store in Ontario?
Or is it just an option?

SK: An employee has failed to properly track his vacation time
How far back can he claim unpaid vacation pay?

Can an online company be set registered in the U.S?
Servicing both Canada and the U.S?

What rights does an employee in B.C. have regarding reduction in pay?
My employer reduced my wages by $6 per hour.

When does a bonus have to paid?
In order for it to be deductible in the year accrued?

Is an employee entitled to a profit-sharing plan?
When they have been on maternity leave when it began?

Do employees of a U.S. company working for a few days need to pay taxes in Canada?

Company pays trucking company to haul materials, who charge PST
Is $5 lost as a result of going through own books?

Can an employer manipulate hours by starting the work day two hours earlier to avoid stat holiday pay?
A short haul truck driver asks if what his employer is doing is above board.

Does a Canadian company need to pay HST on commission earned?
If it represents a USA manufacturer?

Does an employer need to pay for breaks during a nine hour shift?

Can a Manitoba-based travel agency sell to clients in Ontario and Quebec?

Is an employee entitled to vacation time after giving two weeks notice?
In Nova Scotia?

Can office space be written off for tax purposes?

Buying a condo for company use?
What is the best way to go about doing this?

Is it a constructive dismissal if senior staff does not buy into company?
While others who have less seniority do and get promoted.

Switching from contract to salary, what is the best way to calculate rate?

Can an employer force an employee to find a replacement for their shift?
When the employee calls in sick?

What is the GST to be calculated on?
When two per cent discount is offered?

What figure do you use to pull out the HST amount?

Running a sole proprietorship outside Canada
How can income be reported to the CRA?

Do I pay/charge HST on my contracted services?
For an independent contractor massage therapist.

Does a sole proprietor need to register with WSIB?
When trying to take on contracts with larger companies?

What can be done with an employee who takes too many sick days?
When she is not really sick?

Ontario company doing business in Alberta
What tax needs to be charged?

Registering three small business at the same time in Ontario
What must be done?

Must GST be charge on sale or disposition of company vehicle?

An Ontario employee has given her two week notice
She has received more vacation time than earned, what are options?

Registering a tow truck business in B.C.
Must it be registered for HST, or is it optional?

Does a self-employed golf instructor need to register with WSIB?

Rent paid per square foot is not accurate:
What is the Statue of Limitations that applies?

Can GST be charged in US funds?
On an invoice done in US funds for a US based company?

Does GST get refunded for US residents?
Repairing their car in Canada?

Can money be put into a reserve fund to be used for future severance payments?
By a small engineering consulting business with four employees?

Can a commissioned employee in Ontario take more vacation days off than offered?
Even if the time will be unpaid?

Can an employer force employees to work overtime without pay?

Is vacation time and pay still earned while on sick leave?

Can GST paid on importing products be claimed back?

Opening an electrical contracting business in Ontario
Do I need a GST number?

Does a Cost of Good Sold tax form need to be completed?
When running a daycare?

Can money paid from PST audit be claimed for income tax?
In the province of Ontario?

Do taxes have to be paid on income generated outside of Canada?

Can an employer in Alberta force workers to take drug tests?
What rights does a worker have?

Can CEO of company resign?
When company will cease operations?

Do we need to reissue an original contract or will a photocopied version suffice?
In the case of a lost contract.

Does vacation pay need to be paid out, if two weeks were already taken?
For an employee who has given two weeks notice?

Does annual vacation pay payout in December affect stat holiday formula?
When working part time?

Fitness business in Quebec, can it operate within Ontario?

Can a company shut down for Christmas break and not pay employees?

Support Centre in Windsor, ON
where to get your questions answered

Claiming taxes for funds paid from U.S. company
: for a freelance editor working in Canada.

Can a loan be paid back
: after buying a business from business earned capital?

Does a stress relief tax deduction exist?

Brothers open up mobile DJ business in GTA
: does it need to be registered as a partnership?

Must a business name be registered to be an independent contractor?

Turning a hobby into a small business by purchasing assets
: how can this be done?

Starting a wedding decor business
: what taxes must be charged?

Closing down business for the Christmas break
: do working need to be paid?

Does an employee who takes disability for four months
: earn same amount of vacation pay?

Can an employee request to vacation pay paid seperate from regular pay?

Does a sale agent on commission only need to register for a GST number?

Incorporated company A with wife
: should she be considered a contractor?

Wife gives administrative support to consulting business
: does an advantage exist for sole proprietorship versus partnership?

Does a tax advantage exist when paying upfront for leasehold improvement?

Starting a business at start of the year
: is there a tax benefit?

Can POS provider deduct fees without notice?
: Even though the business was sold?

When spouse passes away, do their shares transfer to surviving spouse?

Buying share in Toronto area pharmacy
: should assets or shares be bought?

Hiring freeze at overseas operated business
: How can one get set up as a contract worker?

Online store buys products in Canadian dollars, sells in U.S. dollar
: Can daily invoices/transactions be calculated on a monthly average exchange rate?

Which accounting software is best for corporation with one shareholder?

What is maximum maternity benefits you can get?
While earning above $50,000 annually?

Can employees request their vacation pay be paid?
When not taking vacation time?

Does PST need to be collected for resale of music?
In the province of Ontario?

Can an employer legally change an employee's hours?
And book their appointments?

Immediate termination after giving two week notice:
Am I entitled to two weeks pay?

Does maternity leave staff require the same compensation?
In the province of Ontario as outgoing staff?

Are part-time employees eligible for statutory holiday pay?
Even if it not on a day they are supposed to be working?

Can a restored advertising vehicle be claimed as a corporate tax deduction?
For a construction management consulting business?

Do business files need to be kept longer than eight years?
For auditing purposes?

Is an employee entitled to 20 days of vacation pay?
When she goes on maternity leave?

Do I need a federal business number?
If GST is not being collected?

Does vacation pay need to be paid for vacation pay?
In British Columbia?

Copyright and Trademark Registration
A musician inquires about copyrighting original work and protecting the band name.

Business to Consumer (B2C)
what does that term mean, anyway?!?


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Submit your question - there is no charge associated with this feature of our website. We will do our best to match you with an appropriate expert. Since many aspects of business are regionally specific, it would help if you include information about the city/province you are located in.

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