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Financial ratios calculator Quickly calculate the ratios most commonly used by banks to assess your credit worthiness or read our article that explains how common ratios are calculated.

Business Events Calendar
Learn, promote, grow; find Canadian business events or promote your own event free of charge!

Tools & Calculators

News Release Builder
This PR tool has received rave reviews from around the globe. Browse the workshop or go directly to part 4 to create your own media release.

Small Business Money Guide
Whether it's paying taxes or raising capital, money is a predominantfactor in your business. It is also one of the most popular topics withour readers, which is why we've compiled this guide to help you learnabout some of the common financial issues you have to deal with.

Strategic Marketing Plan Builder
Use this free tool to compile a strategic marketing plan for your business by answering an online questionairre about your company.

Business Guides

Starting a Business

Marketing Guide

Small Business Money Guide

The Inventer's Guide

The Exporter's Guide

Exporting: A Step-by-Step Guide

HR Guide for Canadian Employers

A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Business in Canada

A Step-by-Step Guide to Registering and Setting up a Domain Name

A Guide for Ontario Employers

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