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What rights does an employee in B.C. have regarding reduction in pay?

Expert: Daniel Lublin

J Pounder asked:

What are the rights for an employee in British Columbia regarding a reduction in pay? My wages were reduced by $6 per hour without me receiving any notice from my employer and I want to know what my rights are.

Daniel Lublin answered:

A reduction in pay, without notice, can amount to a constructive dismissal, provided the change is viewed as substantial.

Most court cases will view a 10 per cent change or higher as a constructive dismissal.

If so, this employee can consider his job as at an end a pursue severance payments.

About the author

Daniel Lublin is the managing partner of Whitten & Lublin LLP, an employment law firm. His practice focuses on representing employees and employers in dismissal related matters. Daniel can be reached at

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