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Can GST paid on fuel be used to balance what is taken in?

Expert: Gord Ahier

James asked:

Can I use the GST paid on fuel to balance what I take in? It says on some receipts "non taxable GST."

Gord Ahier answered:

Fuel is a taxable supply. If you are incorporated or a sole proprietor, and you are registered for GST/HST, then the GST/HST paid on your fuel purchases should be included in the input tax credits claimed on your GST/HST return.

If you are a member of a partnership and the partnership is registered for GST and you personally paid the GST/HST on expenses that you have deducted from your share of the partnership income, you can file form GST370 to claim the GST/HST related to those expenses. Note that you can only claim a rebate to the extent that the partnership could have otherwise claimed an input tax credit if it had incurred the expense directly.

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