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8 Field-Proven Tips To Increasing Your Sales Income

By Bob 'Idea Man' Hooey |

Most of us in the sales profession are driven by goals. We make some, and some are made for us. One of those goals is finding ways to increase your sales income and reduce the time demands in doing so. Work less and make more!

Is this a possible goal? YES! One of the ways of doing that is in setting a goal of turning your one time customers into regular buyers who come back again and again to buy from you. This is one of the best ways of increasing your income.

Finding ways to get your potential and current customers to buy in larger quantities is a valuable goal as well. And of course, finding new customers and getting qualified leads and referrals from existing customers is a valid goal too.

Here are some tips, which will, if applied, allow you to hone your sales skills and accomplish all of these goals.

Become An Avid Reader (Leaders are readers)
There are only 2 ways to learn new things. One is through your own experience; the other more effective way is through other people's experiences. Learning things on your own through "trial and error" is very costly and time consuming.

There are very few things in selling that haven't already been done before. So why waste your valuable time and money "reinventing the wheel"? Buy good books from indisputable sales experts and slash your learning curve.

Sales professionals are readers in search of new ideas, methods and training materials to equip themselves to better prospect, qualify, sell and then successfully build a long-term customer relationship.

Have Fun Selling!
There are lots of ways to make money out there, so why not pick something you love? You also spend more time working than any other activity in your life, so why not enjoy the time you invest in the selling process?

Don't think of selling as work. View it as enjoyable as any of your favorite leisure activities or sports. When you get really good at it - that's what happens anyway.

Attend Sales Training Seminars (like this one)
Don't wait on your company to train you. There is no better way to learn a skill than attending a seminar or selling boot camp by ‘successful' sales experts. In addition to the incredible information being shared, you also have the opportunity to network with other success-minded sales people in your industry; or in other ones where you can learn new ideas that might be transferable to yours.

90% of your time should be spent meeting with prospects and customers - not doing administrative busy work! Follow up and paper work are a part of the process. Check out the section on creating more time for the sales process.

Subscribe To Informative Newsletters.
Subscribe to successful selling newsletters to keep up-to-date on hot new techniques and ideas for your business. There's nothing better than getting a regular helping of fresh new ideas and perspectives from experts on selling.

Have The Right Attitude About Selling
The right attitude about selling is what will carry you through regardless of what obstacles are thrown in your way. Learning to view prospecting as natural, and selling as an ongoing event, will make you a sales champion. Building solid relationships that bring repeat business begins with the right attitudes.

Don't Make ‘Excuses' For Lack Of Selling Success
Under-performers love to have a "scapegoat" to blame for their failures or lack of achievement. It you talk to them it is always something - the economy, the competition, the product, or the price… anything outside of themselves.

However, if you really want to become a successful salesperson, you have to realize that your success, or lack of it, is totally 100% your responsibility!

Welcome Your Mistakes As Learning Opportunities
Everyone makes mistakes. Few salespeople correct them. Unfortunately, many salespeople keep committing the same errors over and over again, in the sales process because they never take the time to sit down and learn from their mistakes. Don't spend your time worrying or feeling victimized by mistakes. Instead spend 99% of your time thinking about a solution. It works!

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