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Taming Technology: You Can Control the Beast

By Michelle Collins |

Author:Brian J. Nichelson, Ph.D.
Publisher: Cameo Publications
ISBN: 9-780971-573963

In Taming Technology author Brian J. Nichelson addresses the issues of technology overload. Unlike similar titles, Nichelson doesn't bog the reader down in technical jargon or make promises that you will be a guru once you turn the last page. Instead he invites the reader to take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

From there we learn that our challenges with technology have been ongoing for centuries. Yes it is true that in today's Computer Age we may have more encounters with technology, but there is a history to this issue that is sometimes forgotten. Another great point that Nichelson makes is that technology is found beyond our computers and extends to many other areas such as our vehicles and the appliances in our house. By making a concentrated effort to focus on these other devices he helps the reader to realize that there are technologies they use and master without giving it much thought.

Nichelson uses what he calls the three maxims to help people understand the issue and move towards coping with it. The first maxim, Technology is Simpler Than You Think explains that we can conquer or fears and frustrations by learning how the device works. This can be as easy as reading the training manual or as in depth as learning how your car is built and what each piece is supposed to do.

In the second maxim, Technology Equals People, Nichelson explains that without people there would be no technology. We have invented these machines to help control our own environment, and because we have built them we know how to fix them. If you have a problem that you don't know how to deal with, find out who can.

The third maxim, Technology is Interconnected, teaches us that technology doesn't exist in a vacuum. Nichelson uses a puzzle analogy to explain that all of the pieces have a place to go and you can't force something there that doesn't belong. In other words if one component of your toaster doesn't work, then the entire machine may not work. Once we learn how to identify and fix these details we are on our way to controlling the beast.

Taming Technology may not tell you what to do if your computer monitor starts flickering but it can help you identify what you need to do to solve the problem and master the mysteries of technologies.

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