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Book Review: Sold! How to Make it Easy for People to Buy from You

By Michelle Collins |

Book Review: SOLD! How to Make it Easy for People to Buy from You
Authors: Steve Martin & Gary Colleran
Publisher: Prentice Hall Business
ISBN: 0-273-67518-4

Sold! Promises to bring the selling process back to basics in a way that has been overlooked in the past. While the book is a solid explanation of the process, it isn't exactly the most revolutionary title on the subject.

At its core, Sold! reemphasizes the point that customers will buy from people they feel they have a good relationship with, rather than someone who is trying to push them into a sale. Martin and Colleran are quite right on this subject, but it is something that you will hear time and again from any business expert.

Where the book does excel is in its discussion of how to gain a commitment from the customer. The authors suggest waiting for the customer to show interest in the product first, allowing them to establish their own needs and wants. From there the salesperson can attempt to find ways the product fits into the customer's life, rather than forcing it and risk losing trust.

Another benefit of the book is that it provides a self-evaluation exercise that allows you to see how successful you are at setting and meeting sales goals. Of course, the evaluation follows the principles previously outlined in the book, and if you don't use this system you're not likely to score very well.

In the end, this book is worth picking up if you're looking for a cheap ($12.99) fast lesson on the selling process. However, if you're in need of something more in-depth and robust your time and money are better spent elsewhere.

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