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Unclutter for Success!

By Purnima D. Gaughan |

Are you overwhelmed? Frustrated? Stressed by the clutter your business generates?

Well, you're not alone. More and more small businesses are starting up in Canada every year, and more and more businesses are looking to operate more effectively, but need the skills and/or time to properly manage the paper flow and organization of a successful office.

Here are 10 Do's and Don'ts to help you eliminate office clutter:

1. DO enlist support, if needed, from colleagues, friends and or a professional organizer to assist you reach your goals faster and more effectively. The right support will be instrumental in uncluttering with greatly reduced stress!

2. DO have a plan and envision the desired results, including improved organization and increased presence of inspiration. Start with clearing the storage unit, filing cabinets etceteras, in order to have space to keep your materials. This will reduce frustration and increase your motivation to keep going! Enjoy considering what you want surrounding you daily in business, (plants, awards, framed customer testimonials, paintings etc.).

3. DO know if you're planning to move offices, this is an opportune time to let go of unnecessary accumulation and frustration!

4. DO realize that even 15 - 30 minutes can make a significant reduction in unwanted clutter!

5. DO make it pleasant. Put on your favorite music and have a big glass of water near at hand. Don't forget to breathe deeply, regularly!

6. DO have appropriate filing cabinets, boxes, garbage bags, labelers, markers, files, etceteras, so that you will be organized, focused and ready to make decisions by categories (storage, garbage, goodwill, second hand stores, etceteras).

7. DO consider if you haven't used it for 1-2 years and don't foresee it being used this year... put in storage or get ready to say good-bye. Unless it happens to be invoices, receipts, and other paper trails that the government requires you to keep - don't throw those away!

8. DON'T throw it only in the garbage. Consider colleagues, family, shelters, recycle sites, etceteras.

9. DO turn unwanted accumulation into cash. There are second hand stores that will pay you for some of your unwanted office equipment, furniture and materials.

10. DO anticipate when you unclutter your office space you unclutter your mind/life!

Some people are interested and would benefit in knowing about the underlying psychological reasons for this accumulation of clutter. Is it simply time to hire staff? Talking to a friend, colleague or professional can assist you if this is a concerning and limiting problem. Regular exercise, yoga, meditation, and a general healthy lifestyle will reduce clutter internally and externally. Unclutter for success!!

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