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Book Review: The 'I' of the storm

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Title: The "I" of the Storm
Author: Philip Yaffe
Publisher: Story Publishers
ISBN: 9789087640019

If you have ever struggled with crafting an effective message while preparing business communications, this book is for you. Fresh', relevant and concise, The "I" of the Storm clearly outlines the secrets behind good writing.

One of the most refreshing things about this book is its precision. Marketing and communication concepts are often vague, which leaves them open to subjective interpretation. The author changes this by creating formulas to define concepts like clarity, conciseness and density, leaving readers with a clear roadmap to follow when creating and evaluating their own communication materials.

The "I" of the Storm is divided into two main sections. The first, Fundamentals of Good Writing, outlines writing techniques while the second, Oral Presentations: Giving Voice to Your Words, looks at how readers can create effective presentations. There are also detailed appendices full of examples and exercises that re-enforce lessons from the main text.

Readers may have difficulty understanding some of the specific writing tips. For example, there is a brief description of infinitives versus nouns that require a fairly sophisticated understanding of English grammar. Still, even if you don't entirely grasp the fact that words ending in '-ing' (e.g. coming, collecting) are a type of noun, you should have no trouble understanding the actual examples used to illustrate the point.

To summarize, this book offers insights into communication fundamentals that would benefit every business owner.

Note: this book is now available from

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