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Book Review: Selling Q&A’s

By Julie King |

Title:Selling Q&A's
Author:Gino R. Sette

At first glance, this book — with its amateurish cover design and scant 113 pages of content presented in a surprisingly large font — looked like it was lacking in substance.

After cracking the cover, however, I quickly realized that Selling Q&A's is a true gem amongst the myriad of self-help books that claim to have 'the best' advice for those who want to learn how to sell or improve their sales abilities.

Selling Q&A's delivers exactly what it promises and more — namely, a list of suggested responses to questions and situations that outside salespeople have to deal with during the sales cycle.

For example, Section 4: Prospecting for an Apointment Q&A's, outlines how a salesperson can turn eight common responses to a cold call (that are designed to deflect a salesperson) into opportunities to move the sales process forward. Here is one example from that chapter:

Response #3: "I'm happy with my current supplier... thank you anyway."

Sette's comment: "Have you ever heard this response from a prospect that ended up becoming a client after all? Of course you have. So you could say, 'That's funny, when I first approached Canon, they, too, were working with another company, just like you. That changed when they saw how we could compliment what they were currently doing with their other company. Having said that, how's Thursday at one o'clock?'"

The book is simple, direct and very easy to read. What I liked best, however, was that its suggestions are something that a salesperson could use immediately, without having to master new skills or memorize detailed information. Really, what this book provides are alternatives salespeople can take when presented with common difficulties and objections.

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