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Book Review: Step into the Spotlight

By CO Staff @canadaone |

Title: Step into the Spotlight
Author: Tsufit
Publisher: Beach View Books
ISBN: 978-0-9781913-0-6
You know that expression "All that glitters is not gold?" That may be true, but it's equally true that she who glitters gets the gold. Don't be afraid to sparkle. - Tsufit, Step into the Spotlight

Get ready to be educated, get ready to be entertained. Tsufit has put together a delightful book that rattles the traditional dry approach to business sales and promotion. Scoffing at the mediocre, she challenges the reader to take promotion to the level of stardom.

From start to finish this book is an entertaining read that the reader can breeze through. Each chapter is chocked full of concise bytes of wisdom, quotes from business gurus and insights from drawn from Tsufit's experience of transitioning from Bay Street law to become and actress and entertainer.

The author follows her own advice and projects sparkle into every page of her book. One nice thing about this book is that readers will have a hard time not feeling motivated to take action after reading the book.

If you are looking for fresh ideas on how you can improve your marketing, sales and promotional activities, Step into the Spotlight gets a highly recommended rating.

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